Simon Flash
A flash version of the classic Simon electronic game.
Heavens Gate
Heavens gate is a customization gadget in which you can…
Burger Shop
Lora was dreaming to open a burger shop. Dream come tru…
Find Christmas Gifts
Santa needs to find gifts. However, it is not that easy…
Valentine's Day Memory Ga…
This an awesome Valentine's Day themed memory matching …
Classic Snakes
A classic snakes games
It's easy!
Reaction Timer
Test your reaction speed against the world!
Guitar Jam
Addictive music skill game, all about guitarists having…
Hidden Numbers Buildings
Finding the numbers hidden in and around the buildings …
MindShuffle: Christmas
MindShuffle Christmas Edition is a memory game with add…
Baby drummer
Baby drummers playing music concert.
DJ Fest
Play as DJ Fest and make some noise!!
Guitar Geek
Rock your way from the garage to the arena as you aim t…
Play music on your keyboard, and play it back! Use the…
Piano simulator.
A simple text timing game for
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